Legi firm produces concrete blocks in Georgia. It is an old and well-established company. They like to invest in their factories and businesses. In a short time, they became a leader in the concrete block production sector. Their manufacturing team is really good and they know the technical stuff. They constantly buy new concrete block molds from us. As a concrete block mold supplier, we are very happy to serve companies in Georgia. We thank Legi for choosing us. We will continue to supply the best price and quality concrete block mold as always.

      Legi has a HESS RH 500 stationary concrete block machine. Then they buy the latest model HESS RH 1500 VA stationary concrete block machine. HESS concrete block machines are a really good brand. Their first machine works really well too. They did a lot of work with that machine. We also did the park stone containers for that machine.

      The technical team of Legi company asked us for a new mold. This is a 19x39x19 interlocking hollow  block. This mold was really difficult to manufacture. We made this mold primarily for new concrete block machines. They liked the concrete blocks very much. They wanted the same mold for their old machine. Our work was very busy at that time. We told them we would deliver the block mold within 40 days. They checked and approved. We forwarded the price offer to them. We managed to deliver the mold 10 days early. Because the previous time we delivered 2 days late. We are very happy for this.

      The block mould reached them and they immediately connected a concrete block machine. They had to produce quickly. Working with Legi is really good. They keep their promises. this is so important for us. We keep our promises, too. We are working hard for this.
With 27 years of experience in the sector, we reflect our quality in the production of floor blocks and wall blocks machine and molds. We are constantly developing ourselves for better quality products. We are justifiably proud of our customers' satisfaction. 
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