Technical Service

Do you need to maintain your concrete block mold?
Does your concrete block mold need repair?
Do you want to adjust your Interlock mold?

If you want to do all this without losing time, all these works must be done in your factory. Because it can take a long time for a mold to go to the mold company and if you need that mold, this leaves you in a difficult situation.

If you wish, our specialist staff fixes your block mould quickly and effectively in your factory and makes it work as soon as possible.

The work done by our technical service personnel is under warranty. If you have multiple molds and time, it is best to send concrete block molds to our factory. For example, you changed your machine and you have many molds in close sizes. These molds need to be attached to your new machine therefore, sending these molds all together and making revisions will be healthier and more economical.

  Please contact our representative to get information on the subject.
With 27 years of experience in the sector, we reflect our quality in the production of floor blocks and wall blocks machine and molds. We are constantly developing ourselves for better quality products. We are justifiably proud of our customers' satisfaction. 
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