How To Maintain The Concrete Block Mold?

How To Maintain Concrete Block Mold?

Concrete block molds  are not very cheap consumables. For this reason, it is necessary to try to extend their lifetime and to repair it when necessary.

Firstly, the mold should be visually inspected and it should be determined whether the modification is required or not.In cases where the visual examination is insufficient, the consistency of measurement should be checked.
For example: Let's take the interlock mold, the most used model. If the female mold cavity, which is 197x163 mm, comes to a size like 198x165 and the chamfer lips of male mold plates are finished, this mold can be maintained. Male mold plates can be repaired or replaced with new ones.
But if the size of the mold has increased by 200x166 +2.5 / 3 mm, it is not logical to repair this female mold. Because even if the mold is repaired (male plates are renewed), the products that will be produced will not be suitable for laying stones as a measure, and there will be wasted costs.

Concrete block mold  wall thicknesses should also be suitable for modification. For example If the mold sheet, which is normally 12 mm thick, has fallen to 9 mm, the welding and leveling work to be performed will not provide the necessary strength for the work, or it may not be worth the renovation cost.

Sometimes, in the upper part of the molds, cavities occur in the area where the male plates work. These areas can be welded properly and leveled and used for a while.

The mold should be welded very carefully and the mold should not be exposed to excess heat. Because too much heat can cause the shape to change. The mold that is permanently deformed may become unusable!

While welding broken parts such as cracks, the welding mouth should be opened and the surfaces to be welded should be cleaned very well. If welding is done in open areas, air circulation of the welding area should be minimized. Broken weld areas should be cleaned without continuing and welded and then it should be welded again. 
The modification process can continue as long as it meets the necessary requirements and as long as you think you can use your block mold.
As a result, we have to make decisions based on our business benefits. We need to benefit from our possibilities and equipment in an optimal way.

With 27 years of experience in the sector, we reflect our quality in the production of floor blocks and wall blocks machine and molds. We are constantly developing ourselves for better quality products. We are justifiably proud of our customers' satisfaction. 
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