How to Keep Concrete Block Mould?

Concrete block molds are the consumables of the machine therefore, they need to be maintained well to make less waste.
      Things to do for maintaining molds are very simple. If you apply these, you can use molds for longer-lasting. Make sure molds are clean when removing them from the machine after finishing to use. There should be no concrete sediment inside the mold or on the male mold plates. If there is, you should clean it with the steel wire brush.
      After making sure that the mold is clean: you should lubricate the mold eyes and male mold plates with a hand pump if any. After the lubrication process is completed, you can take the mold from the machine and take it to the storage area.
      Your storage should be a closed space if at all possible. One thing that needs to be taken into consideration in closed space is the ventilation, i.e. air flow. In a damp place, the mold will start to rust after a while.
      If you have to store in the open area, leave the mold on a pallet so that it will be higher than the ground. Also cover it. Exposure of the mold to low rain, snow and weather events cause not much work in the protective oil. The mold can be corroded. If you will not use the mold for a long time, it is better to re-lubricate at certain intervals.

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