Concrete Block Molds For a Long Life?

How to use the concrete block molds for a long life?

Concrete block mold is one of the main elements that makes your machine active. If the price quality performance of your molds is better, your manufacturing cost is lower

      Concrete block molds become obsolete after a certain working time.Especially after a certain abrasion of the interlocking stones molds, they no longer lock on the path when laying on the road, and the stacking fails.There are also things that can be done to use the concrete block molds for a long life.
When you connect the mold to the machine, make sure that the vibrating plate - female mold - the male mold plane is on the scale and parallel. Non-axial lateral loads cause the abrasion in the mold to be inhomogeneous.
      Make sure that the vibration damper wedges connected to the same part are not defective.
Vibration dampers that are exploded or out of action prevent homogeneous dispersion of vibration. This causes the mold to not abrade homogeneously.
Failure to adjust the balance arms of the platforms to which the female - male mold is attached also prevents the mold from fitting properly on the vibration table. Also this causes the mold to not abrade homogeneously.
      The centering bearings and bushings of the platforms to which the female/male mold is connected are not like they are required or are too discharged. 
The male mold cannot fit into the female mold properly and the male mold comes on the upper part of the female mold thus, problems such as warping occur.
The two sides of the mortar cart do not press on the mold equally. 
The side that presses more on the mold will be abraded earlier.

      Loosening the bolts of the male mold plates. The plates to which the loose bolts are attached may not pass into the female mold.
During strain, the female mold can deform its surface or undergo its own deformation.It is necessary to check the fixing bolts of male mold plates at certain intervals.

The part of the female mold that fits into the pallet must be clean.During operation, the accumulated residue on one side prevents the mold from sitting exactly on the pallet and this causes the mold to not be homogeneous.

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