Half or Breakable Concrete Block

Half or Breakable Concrete block

Half  Pavingstone - Half stone in interlock molds

While these stones are being applied, the gaps left on the edges are filled with concrete or pieces formed by cutting the original stones in various ways. If the stones are laid on the ground, based on one side as in the picture, half stones cut exactly in the middle will be needed. If desired, half stones can be added into the mold. In this case, the full stone is divided into two and two half stones are obtained.

It is not recommended to make half stones in small capacity molds. For example, if 1 set of half stones is added to the BM PS M1 model mold with a capacity of 0,5 m² (18 pieces), 2 sets of half stones are produced in each 1 m² production.

After a while, there will be too many half stones. Recommended capacity is 0.7m² (25 pieces) and above.

Breakable Hollow Block

While the walls of the hollow block are being built, the upper row is laid by sliding the block for half the length of the block to ensure adherence with the lower row. Thus, inter-row locking is provided and the wall becomes more durable. In addition, natural indentations and protrusions occur in corner turns. Half stones are needed to fill the half gaps that will occur at the beginning and end of the walls.These can be obtained by breaking or cutting from full hollow blocks during construction of the wall. Depending on the need, a half stone set or a breakable stone model can also be placed in the block mold.
Two split halves formed by dividing a whole stone into two can also be made in the block mould.
The whole stone can also be made in a mold in the breakable form

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