What Is My Machine Capacity?

What i̇s my machine  capacity ?
      Concrete block machines are produced in different capacities and types.
Manufacturers can make machine production according to their own standards.
You need to state how many pieces you can produce in a single press on your machine, so that we can give you the price of the concrete block mold you have specified.
      If you already have concrete block mold from the same model, you can easily determine the value of the capacity, since you will have one mold of the same capacity.
Or, if the machine has catalog values given by the manufacturer, you can learn the price of the mold you want by entering the block mold capacity according to those values.
If they don't have any of that information, and you don't know how many of the models you want to make molds come out from your machine in one press, what should you do?
Click the calculate button (We tried to show you how to do this in the example video. - vi̇deo li̇nk). On the screen you will see the type of production palette you use on your machine.Enter the production palette sizes used on your machine. Or if you know, you can enter the mold useful area. By pressing the calculate button, it will be calculated how many models you want can be in the area you give.
This calculation may not always give full results because some concrete block models can also be geometrically locked within the mold. Or it may be necessary to settle in certain directions in terms of manufacturing methods. For example hollow block molds It is preferable that the direction of movement of the mortar cart is on the long side of the model. Or, since the vibration capacity of your machine may not be very efficient at certain loads, it may be necessary to make less mold eyes instead of filling the production area completely

Your mold will be revealed after the technical drawing and detailing stages.

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