Pumice, glazing and amorphous-capable bims are light construction material produced in hollow or solid structure produced by the spillage of the mortar produced from the blending of cement by means of hollow block molds.

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What Is My Machine Capacity?

What i̇s my machine  capacity ?
      Concrete block machines are produced in different capacities and types.
Manufacturers can make machine production according to their own standards.
You need to state how many pieces you can produce in a single press on your machine, so that we can give you the price of the concrete block mold you have specified.
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Select The Form of Mold Connection

      Concrete block molds are used in concrete block machines. Consequently, the molds must be suitable for the machine to be installed. The mold connection type of each machine may be different. Companies producing concrete block machines design their machines and molds according to their standards and capabilities.
Concrete block molds consist of 2 parts lower mold (female mold) and upper mold (male mold). We divided the connection types into 3 groups. While doing this, we based on how the upper molds are connected to the machine.
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With 27 years of experience in the sector, we reflect our quality in the production of floor blocks and wall blocks machine and molds. We are constantly developing ourselves for better quality products. We are justifiably proud of our customers' satisfaction. 
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