Concrete Block Mold For Sale

What should be considered when buying concrete block mold?

There are many issues to be considered when buying concrete block mold. We will try to explain them under the main headings.
1-) Determine exactly the concrete block you need

You should make sure that the concrete block mold model will be requested by your customers. External sizes, thicknesses and heights can be decisive for you.
For example, if you would like hollow block mold in 19x39 size, you should determine the number of internal cavities, edge wall thickness, wall thickness of the intermediate walls according to the need.
Or if you will make interlock mold, you should make sure that the product height is preferred.
After determining the product, you should determine the company you will buy concrete block mold.

2-) Is the company you will supply mold with experienced?

We have 23 years of experience  in concrete block mold manufacturing. Hollow block molder - parpaing mold, ceiling block molds - hourdi mole, paving stone molds, interlock molds, concrete pipe molds, raingutter molds, slab molds and siprecial molds.We are proud to be one of the best concrete block mold suppliers in the world

3-) Are the raw materials used for manufacturing good quality?

We use special quenched and tempered steel in the manufacturing of concrete block molds. These steels are also made even more resistant to abrasion by heat treatment.
We add our experience to quality steel. They are tested for the measurement consistency and durability and offered to your service.
4-) Is the price of the concrete block mold economical?

Our concrete block mold prices are economical. You pay as much as you need. We determine the price of the molds according to the degree of complexity.

5-) Is the company producing concrete block molds reliable?

With 23 years of experience, we have customers  from all over the world. We manufacture our productions in ISO quality standards. We also have our own quality standard. We buy the mold we make first.

6-) How soon will I receive the product?

Our delivery time is between 3-5 weeks, as it changes with the intensity of work at the time of order. We have different solutions for your urgent orders. Our sales representative will help in this regard.
7-) What is the shipping time?  How much does the shipping cost?

* The duration and prices vary according to the ship - plane or land transportation.
* Price for partial ship loads 50-400 usd / mold - delivery 3-7 weeks
* Price for partial land loads 300-750 usd / mold - delivery 2-5 weeks
* Price for plane cargo 800-3500 usd / mold - delivery 1 week

8-) Will the incoming mold be compatible with my machine?

Mold size records of most of the companies manufacturing standard machinery are available in our records. In case of need, you can invite an engineer friend to your company to take measurements. Or, we can take a digital image of your mold by sending photos and taking measurements as many of our customers do.

After making sure of the sizing process, the mold we will send to you will be attached to your machine without any problems. We compensate for all the errors and expenses that may arise from our company.

9-) How are the payment terms?

In order to complete your order, you will need to pay 25% advance payment or if you will make purchases with a letter of credit, the letter of credit must be in the appropriate terms. After your order is completed, we get your mold size confirmation and start manufacturing. You can follow the manufacturing process on our facebook and instagram accounts.
You will see that your product is ready before shipment and you pay the remaining 75%. You can also pay with LLC advance letter of credit

With 27 years of experience in the sector, we reflect our quality in the production of floor blocks and wall blocks machine and molds. We are constantly developing ourselves for better quality products. We are justifiably proud of our customers' satisfaction. 
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