Concrete Block Mold capacity?

How to determine Concrete Block Mold capacity?
Concrete block molds are used in concrete block machines. Machines are available in many different capacities, models and under different brands. This makes our work special for the customer.

Necessary information to determine the concrete block mold capacity exactly:

Mold useful area:

  This area is the area where manufacturing can be done on the production pallet. You cannot produce on the entire area of ​​your production pallet. For example, if you are using a wooden production pallet and there are sheet frames around the pallet, you can determine the useful area of ​​the mold by reducing a certain amount.

You may also need to leave a small slip tolerance in the pallet exit direction. During production, you do not want the concrete blocks to go out of the pallet or to put pressure on the sheet frame.

Mortar cart inner size:

The mold given by the machine manufacturer is not exactly enough for us to know the useful area because the inner dimension of your mortar car at the pallet exit direction determines your maximum working area on that axis.

Vibration strength:

The concrete compressive strength of each machine is not the same. If you want to have a concrete block mold with capacity to fill the useful mold space, you need to make sure that this product can be compressed by the machine.

The simplest way to know this is through your own experience. You can decide by comparing the weight of the products coming out of your existing molds and the weight of the new product.

Pallet handling system:

Pallet handling systems also affect the mold capacity. For example, if you have a finger cart and a pallet carrying system, you should pay attention to the height distance between the finger racks. In some models, higher concrete blocks come up to finger trolley pallet holders. For this, a concrete block mold with a capacity suitable for the intermediate dimensions of the holders must be made.

In order for concrete block molds to be priced, it is necessary to know the desired concrete block model, how many of this model can be produced in a press on the customer's machine and how to connect the concrete block mold. If the customer knows these, we can immediately quote the price and issue a proforma invoice on behalf of the customer.

There is a capacity calculation assistant on the product pricing page. The capacity calculation assistant takes a few measurements and gives a very close value. The required dimensions for this are the wooden, plastic or metal pallet sizes on which the products are produced. In fact, exactly the area useful for the mold is desired.
When you enter these values, the system will give you the capacity value of the product you have selected.

This value gives exact results for some models and close results for some models. The purpose of this is to give customers a price very close to the concrete block mold they want to buy, if customers do not know how many of the products they request will be printed on their machines.

If the customer decides to buy molds from our company, after the advance payment is made, our technical team will receive the necessary information from the customer through the sales representative and provide detailed technical drawings and information. New mold drawings are made for machine models not available in our system. Production starts after the customer approves the mold and model drawings.

With 27 years of experience in the sector, we reflect our quality in the production of floor blocks and wall blocks machine and molds. We are constantly developing ourselves for better quality products. We are justifiably proud of our customers' satisfaction. 
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