How Many Blocks Can Be Made With a Bag of Cement?

In this blog post, we will try to explain how many hollow concrete blocks you can make with a bag of cement.
How Many Blocks Can Be Made With a Bag of Cement?

In the production of hollow concrete block stones, generally 6-12% cement is used.
Hollow concrete blocks are obtained by mixing and vibrating filling materials such as sand, gravel, pumice stone with cement and water in wet consistency. With approximate calculations
• 145-280 kg cement is added into 1 m³ filling material.
• The standard weight of a bag of cement is 50 kg.
It can make between 100-130 pieces of 20X40X20 hollow block stone with 1 m³ concrete.
Within these calculations
As a result 1 bag of cement can make 25-40 hollow blocks.

These Rates

1- It depends on the properties of the aggregate you use.
2-It depends on the vibration power of the machine.
3- It depends on the surface on which it is produced. (Such as wooden pallet, plastic pallet, sheet metal pallet and concrete floor surface)
Considering the perforated or closed type of briquette stones and the difference in wall thickness, the amount of briquette stone produced in unit volume may also differ.
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